The national coordination of the Big Latch On is funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Health. However continued success and growth of the Big Latch On is reliant on the amazing support from the community. There are many ways individuals, groups and business can support the Big Latch On:

Volunteer your skills and services

There are numerous ways in which volunteers currently contribute to the success of the Big Latch On for example:

➜ volunteer to assist Women’s Health Action with national coordination.

➜ volunteer your services such as massage, photography, bra fitting, baking or entertainment.

If you think this sounds like you please contact us on [email protected] or 09 520 5295 to discuss your ideas.

Donations of goods

Every year, businesses donate goods and services to go towards the Big Latch On prize pool. Businesses are offered various free promotion opportunities in exchange for their donations. If you would like to donate goods or services towards the Big Latch On prize pool please contact us on [email protected] or call 09 520 5295 so we can discuss an exclusive package tailored to your business’ individual requirements.

Financial contributions

As the Big Latch On continues to thrive we require increased resources to continue to run a successful event. If you would like to make a financial contribution to support the Big Latch On we would love to hear from you! Please contact us on [email protected] or 09 520 5295.

Please note: As Women’s Health Action is a registered non-profit Charitable Trust your contribution is tax deductible. All contributions and funds raised will go directly to supporting the Big Latch On.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Big Latch On!